About the Beiwe Research Platform

More than just an app, the Beiwe Research Platform consists of three cloud-based components for collecting data, managing studies and performing data analysis. Beiwe is currently being used in numerous studies, primarily at the Harvard Medical School teaching hospitals involving patients with psychiatric and neurological disorders, surgical patients, and patients with cancer.

Collect Data

Beiwe is available as a native app for both Android and iOS devices that connect seamlessly to the same research platform, enabling researchers to reach over 99% of smartphone users.

Manage Studies

The web-based research portal allows researchers to manage their own studies, which are securely hosted on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. Easily configure surveys, passive data collection and view summary statistics.

Perform Data Analysis

The cloud-based data analysis pipeline performs data processing and data quality checks, and it generates summary statistics of interest. New methods are actively being developed and made available.