How to Update the Beiwe Apps

The Beiwe apps are updated whenever there is a new feature or bug fix. Below is information on how to update the apps on both Android and iOS phones.


When there is a new update for Android, it will be the standard release on and on the Google Play Store.

If you have research projects in progress, your study participants will be unaffected by this release as we do not automatically update the app. Your study participants will continue to run on the previous release. It will not cause any data analysis issues if you are in the midst of enrolling study participants and some of your cohort is on the old version while others are on the new version. However, if you want to use the updated app (including the related new features and fixes) you should instruct your patient to re-download the app from (there is no need to uninstall the app and re-install). The user will be prompted “Do you want to install an update to this existing application?” Choose Yes, Open and Install and the update is complete. For those using the Google Play Store, you can update the app from the Google Play Store.


As most iPhone users configure their phones to automatically update their apps, Beiwe will be automatically updated on most of your user’s phones. If they do not, they should simply go to the App Store, search Beiwe and click update. New participants will automatically download this new version of Beiwe from the App Store and the registration process remains the same.


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