Using Beiwe

Investigators worldwide have three different ways of using Beiwe in their studies.

Direct Collaboration

The lab currently has limited bandwidth for new collaborations, but in this model, we create the new study on our production version of Beiwe, which we run on our lab’s AWS account, and we cover all platform costs, such as server uptime, data storage, and network traffic. These collaborations are usually funded by a joint grant.

Beiwe as a Service

In this model, we run the Beiwe study on AWS using our latest versions of the front-end, back-end, and data analysis software. This model is not a scientific collaboration between the Onnela Lab and the other group, but makes Beiwe data collection and analysis capabilities available for others. Fees are used to cover immediate costs of running the Beiwe instances and to partially cover the cost of maintenance and development.

Beiwe Open Source

The Beiwe research platform is available, under an open-source license, to investigators worldwide for free. Under this model, individuals or institutions interested in using Beiwe will use the Beiwe AMI (Amazon Machine Image) to create their own instance of Beiwe on AWS. In this model, the investigators using the open source version are responsible for all expenses. Software is provided as is.