Video: How to Download Beiwe on Android Phones

To install Beiwe and register on an Android phone open a mobile browser on the smartphone and navigate to:

Opening this URL on an Android smartphone will cause the app to automatically download to the phone.

Open Beiwe.apk in the “Downloads” or “Files” section of the phone, depending on the participant’s preference, hit Next, Install, and Open to navigate through the screens and install the app.

As the Beiwe app is downloaded directly from the study website, and not from the Google Play store, there may be a warning message on a participant’s phone during download (depending on the version of Android software that is currently running on the phone). It might also be necessary to adjust the Security Settings on the phone to “Allow Apps from Unknown Sources” on the phone. If you run into any issues please direct to FAQs and Beiwe Troubleshooting for more information.


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